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Video Marketing Cheat Sheets: Your Guide to the Top Video Marketing Options

(Note: This post was updated on December 12, 2016.) Video marketing is creating a lot of buzz these days, seemingly as a result of a few big trends rising at the same time. First, smartphones, tablets and screens of all kinds have mushroomed in recent years. Second, wifi has become almost ubiquitous, making it easier and cheaper to consume more data-heavy content than ever before. Finally, more marketers are realizing that content marketing, i.e., creating original content that educates or engages a potential customer, is a smart way to start a conversation that might lead to a sale. Video is just one more tool in the shed for doing this. Consider some of the stats that
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How to rev up your marketing agency’s revenue per employee

How to rev up your marketing agency’s revenue per employee

You know that your marketing agency is only as good as the team you’ve assembled. Of course you’ll want to hire the best people you can for each position you have to fill. But how do you measure your team’s overall contribution to your agency’s success? As you map out how you’ll manage your marketing agency, don’t forget to keep track of this key metric: your agency’s revenue per employee. Calculating the revenue per employee for your agency is simple. But it’s what you do with this info that counts. First, you can track how it has changed over time. Is the trend your friend? Or has it been declining
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ROI from Outsourcing Social Media Management

4 Ways to Maximize ROI When Outsourcing Social Media Management

So you’ve decided to outsource your social media management. Smart move! It’s one of the hottest strategies in the industry as it frees up your time to do what you love — run your business. Whether you’re just beginning or already in the process with a service like Emphatic, I’d like to share a few tips that can help ensure that you get the highest ROI out of your investment. If you’ve reached the point of outsourcing social media management for your business, you already know how important it is to establish a trustworthy online presence with a human feel. That’s why it’s so important to have a team working
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Don’t Be A Zombie: Avoiding Social Decay In Your Business

Can you tell how a company is doing just by looking at its social media activity? A piece of investigative journalism from Buzzfeed (yes, Buzzfeed) implies the answer might be yes. Their journalists chose a few social media apps and then looked at how often people were tweeting out links to content on those apps. For example, how often were people tweeting out links to, say, Instagram pics? Meerkat livestreams? Ello updates? Had those patterns declined over time, leading to what Buzzfeed calls “social decay”? And could social decay predict when an app was in danger of failing? Their answer, based on what happened to a few apps they examined, is yes. This makes sense.
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Facebook Newsfeed Change (featured) | Emphatic Social Media Content

The Latest Facebook Newsfeed Change: What It Means for Your Business

Facebook is rolling out a change that will give users more control over what they see in their newsfeed. If you’re familiar with Facebook you’ll know the newsfeed is the near-constant stream of updates from your friends, the people you follow and the Pages you’ve liked. But you don’t see everything these folks share. Facebook only shows you what it thinks you’ll like the most, using a secret algorithm to guess your preferences. (Fun fact: the algorithm is partly influenced by about 730 people all around the United States who get paid to surf Facebook.) Finding one perfect algorithm to fit the tastes and interests of over 1 billion users? Good luck with that. So now Facebook has
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7 Smart Ways to Use LinkedIn Groups In Your Marketing | Emphatic Social Media Content

7 Smart Ways To Use LinkedIn Groups In Your Marketing

Linkedin Groups can be a great pond to fish in for your marketing efforts. You’d be surprised at the connections you can make by just making it a point to join, listen and participate regularly in groups that are related to your business. While LinkedIn is usually associated with B2B businesses, owners of local or B2C companies can also use LinkedIn Groups to network with business development partners, civic leaders and other people who might be helpful to know. Check out these 7 tips — from beginner to ninja-level — for smart ways to use LinkedIn Groups as part of your marketing strategy. Know Which LinkedIn Groups to Join 1.
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Happy In(ter)dependence Day | Emphatic Social Media Content

Happy In(ter)dependence Day

Small business support is one of the universally shared values that almost all global policymakers can agree on. Like zookeepers trying to coax pandas to mate in captivity, they obsess over questions like, “How do we get more of them to start? To succeed? To create jobs?” This intense scrutiny and support means there’s no shortage of international research trying to figure out what makes entrepreneurs tick. And when asked why they have taken the crazy, risky, imprudent-by-almost-any-objective measure decision to start a business, entrepreneurs consistently answer:  “Freedom.” Countless studies have shown that entrepreneurs take the leap because we want to control our own time, be our own boss and
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How Adblock's Rise_06_20_15

How Adblock is Making Social Media More Important Than Ever

Eight years ago a stroke of a pen sent all outdoor advertising in São Paulo to the junk heap. Over 34,000 billboards and signs of all kinds got the ax when Mayor Gilberto Kassab decided to save his 19 million citizens from “visual pollution” by signing the Clean City Act. Of course, the city’s M(ad) Men weren’t too pleased. Words like “fascist” got thrown around as they stewed over the impact. Also, small business owners had to eat the cost of tearing down their signs. But as the cityscape changed, residents began noticing buildings and architectural features that had been hidden for a long time. Oh, and the scrap collectors
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Get More Brand Awareness for Your Company

How to Use Popular Facebook Pages to Get More Brand Awareness for Your Company

Are you familiar with Humans of New York? It’s a hugely popular Facebook page started by photographer Brandon Stanton in 2010. His formula is this: 1. Approach strangers on the streets of New York City. 2. Take their picture. 3. Get their story. Sounds simple, but it’s magical: with over 13 million Facebook fans his page is more popular than the New York Times’, the NFL’s, and HBO’s. In its own way, Humans of New York is like the social media version of the Oprah Winfrey show. But here’s the difference: it would have cost you $1 million dollars to buy a 30-second ad spot on Oprah’s final show. Meanwhile,
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Marketing Takeaways from Mary Meeker's State of the Internet Report - Featured Image

7 Marketing Takeaways from Mary Meeker’s State of the Internet Report

“Queen of the Internet” is the name they gave to Mary Meeker in the late 90s for being one of the loudest, earliest voices on Wall Street to say, “Guys, this Internet thing is going to be big,” and creating some data-packed presentations to prove it. She has since moved to Silicon Valley venture capital firm KPCB, and continues to issue her book-length pronouncements on the “State of the Internet.” This year Meeker’s report weighs in at a forest-felling 196 slides, each packed with more data than a geek at a Star Trek convention. It’s worth going through the full report if you have the time. But if you don’t
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