10 Digital Marketing Tips For Small Business Owners

Digital marketing is an essential part to the success of any small business looking to be competitive. The key is to find out what tactics to focus on for your brand.

Here are 10 digital marketing tips for small business owners.


1. Engage in local search marketing

Having a local search marketing strategy is important to any small business.  It basically consists of claiming your online business listing that shows up in relevant local searches. This gives you the opportunity to check the information that is being displayed about your business to ensure it is as accurate as possible.   Aside from the big search engines like Bing, Google and Yahoo, you should also be claiming your listings on sites like Yelp, Yellow Pages and FourSquare.

2. Optimize your website

When it comes to your website, you need to bring your A game.  People have short attention spans and they want results fast.  With that being said, an unattractive, slow loading website is not going to cut it. You want to make sure your website is easy to navigate and that you have clear calls-to-action that let the customer know what they should do.  Your header on the main page can have something like “Call Today” or “Sign Up”.  Also, making sure your website is optimized for mobile devices is a must.  Most people are accessing websites via their phones so there is no room for error with this.

3. Try Link-Building

Link building is the best way to show search engines that your website is popular.  If you are able to get some high-quality links, you show Google that your small business site is high quality and relevant. Try and reach out to local bloggers and business owners and see if you can get them to link to your website and you can in turn link to theirs.  You can also offer to write a guest post for any local blogs.  If your business has an event coming up or your are having a special promotion, see if your local news site can run an article linking back to your site.

4. Add Video to your business Google listing

Your Google business listing just got a little more interesting.  You can now add videos that will show up right where the photos are. This is a terrific opportunity to share informative videos that showcase your business so that people can learn more about your products and services. Some video ideas you can publish are:

  • Featured products
  • Specialty menu items
  • Walk through of your business
  • Social media content

Videos can be up to 30 seconds long, so you need to be quick and to the point. Once you upload your video, give it 24 hours for it to show on your listing.

5. Go Live

Live video adds a human element to your marketing strategy that is great for helping to strengthen the connection with your customers. You can give them a live sneak peak of your business, showcase any new products, promotions or services and if you do this on Instagram or Facebook, they will be notified of your live video so they know to watch before it ends. Live video is only gaining strength in popularity so you should definitely think about including it in your marketing strategy.

6. Buy Facebook ads

With organic reach in rapid decline on Facebook, it is time to put some budget towards Facebook ads. They are highly customizable and they have options for even the smallest of budgets.

7. Use online networking sites to build a bigger network

Websites like LinkedIn are a great way to connect with other local businesses as well as consumers. Give yourself a few minutes each day to check out the “People You May Know” list which will help you expand your network of connections. Be sure to keep in mind, every person you deal with on a daily basis is a potential LinkedIn connection.

8. Start building an email list

Nowadays you cannot make it through the checkout line at a store without the sales associate asking for your email address.  As you start compiling email addresses, you can put together an email newsletter with your latest promotions, any upcoming specials and products. You could even throw in a request for an online testimonial which is gold for your business. This is one easy step that can really bring you more business.  Online reviews help your business show up in local searches so it really is a no brainer.

9. Take advantage of keywords.

Doing keyword research is a must for any business when it comes to their digital marketing strategy.  There are free tools available like Google Trends, Google Adwords and Wordstream just to name a few.  You can also look at the “People also search for box” for additional suggestions from Google. Once you have your keywords figured out, you can insert them into the pages on your website.

10. Get on social media

Many small businesses make the mistake of using their social media platforms to push out promotions.  Unfortunately, this will not bring in business but may decrease it.  Social media is all about building that connection with people.  Customers want to engage with their favorite brands on a more personal level so you definitely want to keep the promotions to a minimum.  Win over your followers by posting content that is of value to them and you will not only boost your engagement levels but your sales as well.