10 Tips On How To Use Instagram Stories To Grow Your Business

When you take photos or videos with Instagram Stories, they only stay up for 24 hours and then they are no longer available for viewing.  Because they are so short lived, businesses have a great opportunity when it comes to promoting their brand in different ways.

Here are ten tips on how to use Instagram Stories to help grow your business.

1. Have flash promotions

These types of promotions create a sense of urgency and a feeling of exclusivity.  Followers are then more likely to make a purchase as well as become more loyal to your brand.

2. Launch new products

Another effective way to use Instagram Stories is for introductions to any new products you may be coming out with. Bonus tip: post some teasers or a sneak preview to build up the hype.  By doing this, followers will stay connected with your brand since they know they will receive exclusive access to your latest offerings.

3. Post behind-the-scenes content

Fostering a connection with your brand is what customers really want. You can achieve this is by showcasing some behind-the-scenes content on your Instagram Stories.  This could be anything from introducing some of your employees to a snapshot of how some of your products are made.  Any events that occur in your office or store could be featured as content too.  Just make certain that whatever you decide to share, you are fine with the public seeing it as well as your competitors.

4. Include links and a call-to-action

If your account has over 10,000 followers, you have the ability to add links to your Instagram Stories.  By adding links along with a call-to-action, you will be able to boost traffic to your site or blog resulting in increased conversion rates.

5. Use paid Instagram Stories ads

Instagram Stories ads work like a regular story you would upload but they give you the ability to do further targeting in terms of who you reach. You can target your ad by traffic, video views, reach, conversions and more. These ads show up for 24 hours and appear in between other Instagram stories.  Here are a few tips to keep in mind when putting an ad together:

  • Your business name should be very clear.  Users cannot come back to your ad later on so you need to make sure they know where to find you once that ad disappears.
  • Come up with a simple ad that is easily understood.  Once again, they cannot rewind your ad to watch it again so you want to keep your concept simple.
  • Use the full screen wisely.  These are the only ads that will take up the entire screen on a phone.  Use an image that fits the full length and any extra space can be used for a call to action or to provide info about your brand.

6. Create mini articles with your blog content

Using Instagram stories to re-purpose your blog postings is a great for showing off your content in a different way. To create an Instagram story for your business, go through your content and find an article that can be broken down into a few segments.  This could be a how to article or if you were a interior designer for example, you could easily break down an article on the latest design trends. The greatest benefit to using Instagram Stories is that you can share your content in an interesting, digestible format.

7. Feature company milestones

If you have a company milestone coming up, using stories is a great way to showcase it.  Create a story that highlights your milestone by providing a glimpse into all the things your business has accomplished.  You could also add in some interviews with employees or customers about their memories or experiences with your company. Just be sure to keep it on brand with the correct tone and colors. Exciting events like a milestone help further bolster that connection with your brand and keeps your customers interested.

8. Use live content

Consumers love live content so it’s a good idea to also sprinkle in some live video stories. It allows you to connect better with your followers since it is a more authentic interaction.  When you post a live video, you have the opportunity to respond to comments from followers in real time. Doing a Q&A segment will also help you drum up lots of comments from viewers which helps with increasing user engagement.

9. Encourage user-generated content

User-generated content or UGC can go a long way when it comes to helping you grow your business with minimal work on your part. The questions is, how do you get your customers to promote your brand for you? A great way to do this is with running a contest.  Come up with a hashtag and encourage your followers to post a photo in order to win the prize.  All this helps promote your brand and gets your name out there for zero dollars.

10. Come up with themed days

Just like with other social media platforms, having themed days for your Instagram Stories not only helps keep you organized and consistent but it gives your followers something to look forward to. You could do a #motivationmonday series, a #tiptuesday where you provide valuable advice, you get the picture. This really goes a long way in keeping people engaged with your brand.


With over 700 million active users on Instagram, promoting your business on this platform is a must if you are not already doing so.  Using Instagram stories provides you with a great way to promote your brand and generate more leads.  The tips above will get you started on a path to engaging more with your followers and further growing their loyalty with your brand.