10 Tools Every Social Media Marketer Should Have In Their Arsenal






As we move through 2018, social media marketing remains a key part of any online marketing strategy.  It is so popular because you have the ability to grow your brand without directly paying for it, which makes it a very cost effective strategy. With that being said, in order to really make your campaigns work, you need to incorporate the right social media tools.

Below are 10 social media tools every brand should have in their arsenal.


We have all heard the term social listening (monitoring who is talking about your brand or industry) and how important it is to growing your brand. With this tool, you just put in a topic, term or hashtag and you will be able to see how it is being discussed on social media. It is not only a great way to stay in the know about product and brand mentions but is also great for generating new ideas for your content marketing strategy.


Using visuals is a key part of any social media campaign. This tool helps businesses easily design social media graphics that can be optimized for each platform they are on. It also gives you the ability to easily manage the style and graphic you use so that there is consistency across all of your designs.


This is one of the most essential social media tools for any brand.  They provide you with social share buttons that make it simple for people to share your content all around the web. What makes this tool so great is that the user never has to leave the site to share with friends on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter etc. This tool can be used with your blog posts, videos, infographics etc.


Buzzsumo is great for delving deeper into the needs and desires of your target market.  Plug in a keyword related to your niche and it will return every article, blog post, forum, video etc that fits the topic and even tells you how popular each is.  You can then comb through all the information and see what your target market is talking about and what questions they may have. This information will be very helpful in generating new content for all your social media accounts.


This tool makes it simple to pull together visual content from sources like YouTube, Instagram, RSS feeds, and more.  You can then schedule your posts and customize each one for the platform you are posting to. It is definitely one of the most  convenient ways to share multimedia content across multiple social platforms.


Sniply has the ability to add a custom call-to-action to any page on the internet that you share.  This can be a blog post, an article, infographic ect. This allows you to further engage with your followers with every link you share.


Lead generation is tough for any business.  This tool helps by helping generate leads for you.  You enter keywords and Socedo will comb the internet for people who are engaging in conversations relevant to your niche.  You can then engage with these leads with your own content.

Social Toaster

This is a great tool for highlighting your customers.  It allows you to create a “fan club” for your customers.  You encourage them to join and  become “superfans”. They then begin sharing your content and each time they do, they can earn points.  The ones that share your content with the largest audience can earn rewards.


If you have a big presence on Twitter, this tool is for you.  It allows you to manage multiple Twitter accounts, which as we all know can be challenging.  You can see them and manage them from one central place.  You can also set specific schedules for one or all of your Twitter accounts.


In most cases, when someone comes to visit a website, more times than not they do not end up converting.  This is where Picreel comes in.  It gives you the opportunity to engage with that visitor before he/she abandons your site by offering them a special offer to entice them to hang on a bit longer. Statistics do say that the longer a person stays on your site, the more likely they are to end up making a purchase.