5 Content Tips For Your Business Website


Building and designing your business website can be an exciting process with all the options for colors, layouts, images and more.  But there is a lot more to your website than aesthetics.  The content you place on it is equally important since this is what will keep visitors to your site interested and engaged.

Below are five website content basics to include as you build your business website.

Basics of your brand to include

Your business website functions like an online business card so make sure it has all the same great info that is listed on your business card.  Your contact information, logo and tagline should be easily visible in your website content. In order to establish credibility and trust with current and potential customers, your brand needs to be consistent across all your marketing materials.

When it comes to your business logo, you want it to be one of the first things you see and not have to scroll to see it.  Also, when looking at a website, many people scan it from left to right, so placing your logo in the upper left hand corner is a prime spot.  This will help with generating instant recognition.

Two other important pieces to have prominently displayed on your website are your business name and tagline. Your tagline provides people with an idea of what industry you are in and your business personality.  This should be placed near your business name to further brand recognition.

In terms of your contact information, this should reside in the footer area. It should include your physical address if applicable, your email address, social media handles and phone number.  This will carry over to the footer section of every page so limited scrolling will be needed for visitors to find your contact info.


Your homepage is key in grabbing the interest of visitors to your website. As soon as they land on your site, they need to be engaged in order to keep browsing.  Posing a question or providing a tidbit of your businesses’ story will help pique interest.

The images you use on your website also count as content.  They should properly represent your brand’s mission or industry in order to capture the attention of visitors. Using recognizable icons and images that also relate to your text really aids in making your brand come to life on your homepage. They will be able to visualize what your company does and get a feel for the products and services you offer.  Even expectations about customer service come across.  Once you have these details in order, you will have a better chance of visitors staying and perusing your website, which is the goal you are trying to achieve with your homepage.

About us page

Your “About Us” page is a great opportunity for you and your business to shine.  Here you get to tell about your business story and provide them with the details behind your journey that led you to entrepreneurship. Potential customers love reading about people going after their dreams.

In order to keep the reader’s attention span, you should keep the text to 200-300 words. This is manageable for the reader and enough for you to share your story.  It is also a great idea to use images related to your business as well as any other photographs (think a photo of your grand opening).  Make sure they are high resolution and also optimized for mobile devices.

Products and services page

When people come to your website, they are there to find out more information about the products and services you offer. Provide images with informative descriptions of your product offerings so that people get an exact idea of what they are getting. Transparency goes a long way with consumers and this page gives you a great opportunity to further bolster your business in the mind of potential customers.

If you’re in a service industry, give a clear description of the services you offer and what customers can expect if they decide to use your business. Since photos may not be applicable in this case, try using icons instead. They help readers apply meaning and value to the descriptions.

Contact Us page

Your contact page is where people go when they want more info or have a question. It is a powerful engagement tool and needs to be set up correctly.  Your full contact information should be listed here and most people opt to also have a message submission tool.  Include a note to the side or above stating what the form is for (inquiries, appointments etc). By doing this, you are giving them an opportunity to provide you with valuable information that you can build upon by knowing exactly what information they need. They will in turn appreciate the detail as it shows your understanding of their needs and that you want to provide the best service possible.

In conclusion, these website content ideas will give you the base that you need to build your business website.  By utilizing these elements of your business and brand that tend to get overlooked, you are building brand recognition with visitors and also boosting your search engine rankings.