7 Ways To Help Boost Both Traffic and Content Reach For Your Blog


Business blogs have grown to be very beneficial for the social communication aspect for every business.  There are so many benefits to having a business blog.  Everything from increased reach and exposure to establishing your brand as an industry leader through providing thoughtful and valuable content to your audience. A successful blog will play a key role in customer loyalty, conversions and lead generation.  With that being said, there are certain strategies to helping you achieve success with your business blog.

Below are seven effective ways to boost both traffic and content reach for your blog.

1. Know your target audience

Knowing your target audience is key to coming up with the best content that will meet their interests. Here are tips on what to consider when coming up with content ideas:

  • Who are you talking to on your blog? Customers, small biz owners, marketers etc
  • What types of challenges and issues is your target audience dealing with?
  • What are the problems your audience is having?  Come up with solutions and answers through your blog content.

2. Use the right keywords

Using the right keywords on on your blog posts and throughout your website is key to optimizing them for your audience and search engines. If you have not done a thorough keyword search, you definitely need to. Google Adwords Keyword Tool is a great place to start. It will help you find the specific keywords that are related to your topic as well as which keywords your competition is using to drive traffic to their site. Be sure to include your keywords anywhere you can (just make sure it makes sense) in your descriptions, meta tags, headlines, links, image descriptions etc.

3. Make you blog easy to read

If your website loads fast and is both user-friendly and responsive, search engines will give your site preference when it comes to search engine ranking. When it comes to your blog posts, make them easy to read by using sections that have under 300 words.  You also want to use subheadings and headings as well as keep paragraphs below 150 words.  Also think about using lists and bullet points to make your posts easier to skim.

4. Use visuals

Visual content is king on social media.  You get more likes, comments and shares with images than text only posts.  In addition, visual content can help boost traffic to your site from image searches in social media and search engines.  So whether its photos, videos or infographics, try and get as much visual content in the mix as you can.

5. Use social media for content promotion

Promoting your content on social media is key to getting it in front of your target audience.  This will help boost your link profile as well as increase your brand authority and reach.  The more you can boost your engagement levels on social media, the better your visibility and ranking will be.  Be sure to share and cross promote your content across multiple social networks.  This includes everything from Facebook to Google+ as well as bookmarking sites like Reddit and Digg. Try posting at different times and days on the various networks.  Lastly, in order to achieve consistency you should schedule your posts to Instagram and other social platforms.

6. Offer readers ways to subscribe to your blog

Your website should have a clearly placed RSS subscription button as well as a way to subscribe to your posts via email. This just makes it easy for your readers to get notification of a new post without coming on to your site to see if something new has been posted.

7. Turn your blog post into an infographic and distribute it

Infographics are so popular these days and they really are great at boosting engagement since they are an easy to understand format.  Pick one of your best blog posts and pull out some key highlights to feature in one. Once you have yours put together, don’t forget to share it on all your social media channels.  Also think about doing some paid advertising and definitely share it on some of these directories and blogs that focus on infographics.  These are some popular ones that can help boost your reach.