Emphatic Welcome Tutorial & Video

Thanks for choosing Emphatic! One of the best things about working with our tools is that they’re user-friendly and intuitive, which makes navigating the dashboard easy. We’ve put together a great quick-start guide to cover some of the most commonly used areas of your dashboard — make sure to bookmark this page as a resource. Here’s a link to the video if you would like to watch it!

Logging in is simple: Visit Emphatic.co (no “m”) and hit the blue Log In button in the upper right corner. This will bring you to your dashboard, where you’ll see the account(s) you manage. You’ll see the name of the account as a clickable link, and from there you’ll be able to manage the particular details for that account.

Navigate to Settings in the left column where you’ll connect your LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook accounts. You’ll need to enter usernames and passwords manually, and for Facebook and LinkedIn there will be a choice to post to personal or business pages. These two platforms will also need to have access refreshed every 60 days, so it’s a good idea to get into the habit of hitting the Refresh button at least once a month. There’s also the option of connecting a Bitly account. This will automatically shorten and track the links Emphatic writers use.

The next step is to click on Tune Content Strategy — this is where you’ll enter vital information for our writers and editors about the account, the tone of the posts, topics you want us to cover, and other important information that gives our team context. The Content Strategy can be updated in real-time and changes show up immediately on your dashboard. Pay close attention to questions 6 & 7; these cover the number of third-party and promotional posts we include in your batches as well as topics to include or even websites and sources we should avoid posting.

Once you’ve connected your social media accounts and entered your content strategy, you can head back to Settings and plan a schedule for your posts. Depending on your overall marketing strategy, you’ll want to create a schedule that makes sense for your goals, industry, and audience. For example, LinkedIn sees the most engagement during the week while Twitter gets traction around lunchtime from Tuesday through Saturday. 

It’s important to reiterate that nothing will be posted to your social media accounts before posts are reviewed and approved. We don’t set up any admins on LinkedIn or Facebook and we won’t need direct access to Twitter to post on your behalf. If you’ve noticed that Emphatic hasn’t posted your content, click In Progress from the menu at the left and check to see if you have posts to be reviewed. You’ll also get an email when posts are ready to review and it will include a link that will take you directly to the updates in your dashboard.

Each update will have a dropdown menu in the upper right corner that will allow you to review and edit the content and visit the links to check them. If you need major edits you can use the text box and send us questions. This allows us to send posts back to writers for changes or even let us know if you need help tuning your content strategy. Once you approve the posts it’s much harder to make changes, so don’t hit that Approve button until you’re 100% happy with the batch.

When posts are approved and scheduled, it will show up in the Queued Content tab. Here you’ll see each account name, the platforms content is being posted to, and the schedule for each. You’ll also have access to posts and can make minor changes with a dropdown menu for quick edits like spelling changes, hashtag additions, or even scheduling changes.

After an account is converted from trial to paying you can access the Archive. This is where you’ll find every batch approved and posted, and you can easily copy and paste this content to recycle or cross-post it on another platform. You’ll also see an Allocate Your Credits tab in the left-hand menu that allows users to fine-tune the number of posts you want to be scheduled for each platform.

We’ve included a great explainer video that includes all of these steps and tips so you can get started ASAP but please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team if you still have questions. Welcome to Emphatic!