Looking To Boost Engagement Levels On Your Facebook Page? Here Are 7 Effective Tips You Can Try Today

With every algorithm update, organic reach levels on Facebook go further down. For this reason, what you post is that much more important.  It is essential that the content you are putting together is not only valuable but will also spark a response from you audience generating more meaningful interactions.

For those of you that are new to Facebook, engagement is people interacting with your content in these ways:

  • Comment on your posts
  • Liking your content
  • Sharing your content
  • Looking at your posts and/or videos
  • Clicking on your links

The more that people interact this way with your content, the higher your engagement levels will be and the more traffic /conversions you will see with your website. Now let’s get to what strategies you can use to get the engagement levels higher for your Facebook posts.

Below are 7 tips your business can try today to help boost Facebook post engagement levels.


1. Celebrate national holidays and all the fun ones in between

Relevance and value are what drive engagement on Facebook. An easy way to achieve this is by acknowledging all the holidays throughout the year by creating posts for them.  This goes for not just the national holidays but the made up ones too.  Just check out National Day Calendar and you will be set for every celebration.  Of course you are not looking to celebrate every single one but go through them and see which resonate best with your brand.  If you are a coffee joint, you don’t really need to celebrate national hot dog day…unless you really love hot dogs and you know your audience does too!

2. Give a shout out to users by featuring them in a post

In an effort to stay front and center with Facebook’s algorithm, put some focus on users and their stories. By putting the spotlight on your followers, you increase the chances of them sharing your content with their own network (and Facebook loves when content is shared..that is 1 point for you).

3. Be sure to use Facebook’s tools

Facebook is constantly rolling out new features, and they really want you to use them.  And you should if you want to boost your reach.  Facebook stories is a great example of a new feature that all businesses should be taking advantage of.  Where you are falling short in depleting news feed views, you will make up in people seeing your stories  Similar to Snapchat, they are short user-created pictures or videos that only stay up for 24 hours.  This creates that sense of urgency to watch the content. They also promote engagement because viewers can reply with a direct message.  There are also other features to use like Facebook Live, Facebook groups, Messenger bots etc.

4. Upload videos..lots of videos

Videos are by far the most popular form of content on Facebook with over 8 billion videos watched daily. They are the most preferred form of content when it comes to Facebook’s algorithm too.  Here are a few ideas for videos you can try out today:

  • Tutorial videos
  • Behind the scenes videos
  • Promotional videos
  • Customer testimonial videos

5. Come up with content that solves your audience’s problems

One of the best ways to boost the value of your content and show your audience you care about them, is to find out what their pain points or questions are and answer them.  This is a surefire way to get engagement going while making your audience feel more connected to your brand.

6. Get into Facebook paid advertising

Facebook has made their paid advertising affordable for a reason, they want businesses to use it.  With as little as $15 dollars, you can get your post seen.  If you can throw more money into it, do it.  Facebook ads should definitely be a part of your social media marketing budget.

7. Start a Facebook group

If you have not started a Facebook Group for your brand, you need to.  It is an easy way to help drive traffic to your page and website. With groups, you are creating a community of people to have discussions around a shared interest. Your job is to frequently post and share valuable and relevant information with the group.  They will come to see you are a trustworthy source of knowledge and traffic flow will grow organically. In addition to starting a group, you can also search for relevant groups to your brand and join them.  This is another way to really boost your reach and engage with new people.

Final toughts

Because Facebook is such a saturated platform, it can be difficult to get your content to stand out among the competition.  By employing the above strategies, you will help boost the chances of people engaging with your content.  This will not only help improve your metrics but also conversion rates and sales.