Low Organic Reach Levels on Facebook? Here Are Five Tips To Help Boost Your Reach


Getting traffic to your website is the main goal of online marketing.  You need it in order to succeed in the online space.  Facebook is one of the key players in generating traffic for businesses and if you are not using it, you need to be.

Here are five ways to help boost your brand’s organic reach on Facebook.



1. Boost Your Best Posts to Increase Engagement

In order to boost traffic from Facebook, you need as many eyes as possible on your posts.  For this reason, boosting your posts is a good idea.  Keep in mind though, that you need to be sharing great content in order to really see traffic go up. Go through your posts and analytics and see which had nice levels of engagement and throw some ad dollars behind them.

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2.  Find & Collaborate With Influencers

Using social media influencers is another useful channel for generating traffic.  People today put more trust in what a social media influencer’s opinion is over anything that a business may say.  Now this approach is not totally organic since you will have to pay for the work but it still is an effective way to gain potential customers.

When it comes to finding influencers to work with, you don’t just want to find the ones with the biggest number of followers.  That does not necessarily dictate their level of authority.  You want to look at the type of engagement they receive from their followers. There are some great tools to use to help you find an influencer that would be the right match for your business.  BuzzSumo is a super helpful tool that can help you analyze and figure out who the right players are in your niche.

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As you come up with your list of influencers, follow them on their social media accounts and interact and engage with them so they get to know who you are.  LinkedIn is another helpful tool to help you find those leaders within your industry.

3. Publish evergreen content

Evergreen content is a very powerful tool.  It is basically content that stays relevant well after it is published.  This type of content is valuable because it will continue to drive traffic to your website and your followers can keep engaging with your post. You will see a boost in engagement and Facebook will recognize that and it will appear in feeds for a longer period of time.   It will also help you keep a relevant ranking search engine position for months to come.

4.  Use advocacy to grow your brand

Getting your employees and customers to advocate for your brand is one of the best ways to generate buzz for your brand.  Being a brand advocate means that people who have engaged with your business promote your products/services to their own networks. You see this everyday with big brands like Apple and Microsoft where people are singing their praises and for free.

Here are some ideas on how to get an advocacy program started for your brand:

  1. Cultivate a culture of advocacy within your business by engaging with employees.  Give them reasons to want to sing your praises.
  2. Offer rewards or loyalty points for your customers. .
  3. Offer referral bonuses for any people that recruit others into your network.
  4. Have great customer service by using tools like Facebook’s Messenger bots which will help you communicate more effectively with your customers while providing increased value.
  5. Come up with content that you have created especially for your advocates to share with their networks.
  6. Measure your efforts by tracking sales via referral links, levels of engagement you see with your branded content as well as overall performance from your advocates.

5.  Use hashtags the right way

Hashtags are all the rage and businesses often don’t know how to implement them properly for maximum impact.  When it comes to Facebook, there is much debate as to whether hashtags are helpful in extending the reach of your posts.  Many studies have found that posts with hashtags did not perform as well as those without.  With that being said, it really comes down to trying out different hashtags that are relevant for your industry and audience.  You do want to keep them to a minimum of 2 hashtags as it has been found that engagement levels go down as the number of hashtags goes up.

Here are some ways to get the most bang for your buck with hashtag usage:

  • Come up with your own branded hashtags – The idea here is to create ones that are specific to your brand and keep them uniform across all you social media accounts. Coming up with your own hashtags provides you with a nice way to track your brand equity since you will see who is talking about your brand.
  • Use hashtags for evergreen content – Facebook attaches a unique url for each hashtag you use.  This is helpful in that you can use them for your evergreen content that you don’t want to get buried among all the posts.  This will allow people to refer back to the content by performing a hashtag search.


Facebook is one of the best marketing tools out there but it does not come without its challenges.  Competition for space in your audience’s news feed continues to be on a steady decline. The strategies mentioned above will help your business improve its organic reach levels and in turn boost traffic and sales.