Social Media Content: 20 Ideas Of What To Share



Coming up with great social media content is not easy for any brand.  It takes time and effort to fill your social media calendar each and every month with fresh and engaging content. With that being said, there are many places you can look to for inspiration.

Here are 20 great sources for social media content that your followers will love.

1. Customer questions

If one of your customers asks a question about your company or product, you most likely have other customers that are wondering the same. Your social media updates are a great place to try and answer these questions. You can create a regular post or use something like a #TipTuesday to address the question.

You also don’t have to provide the complete answer in your post. You can summarize the answer in your copy and then provide a link to your site for your audience to read more on your blog or in your FAQs. If your customers like to email you with their questions, be sure to keep track of them by tagging them or creating a specific folder, so you can easily refer back to it.

2. Online reviews

Did you just get a great review on Yelp, Amazon, Google or Facebook? Don’t let the elation die, and don’t wait on potential customers to seek these out for themselves. Use your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media content to share the good news. Pay special attention to what your fans have said — how do they phrase the problem they had prior to coming to you? And what words do they use to describe what they liked best about your product or service? Not only do these make for great tidbits of social media content, but paying close attention to the language used can also help you improve the copy on your website, leading to more conversions.

3. Competitors’ content

Study the social media content of your competitors. What are they saying, and how are they saying it? What gets the most comments, retweets and reactions? What gets the least? What can you put your own spin on? What should you avoid?

4. Local news

Does your business have a physical location? If so, you’ve got a great source of social media content right in your own backyard — the news in your local community. Put those local newspaper sites and blogs in your bookmarks or RSS feed.  Make a point to highlight news that makes people feel all warm and fuzzy inside — like local charities, grand openings, winning sports teams, exceptional families/people/kids. Or, pick the stories — safe or not, depending on your risk tolerance — that get people hot, bothered and likely to comment: like road construction, new regulations or misbehaving politicians.

5. Global news

I guarantee you that something strange, sad, magnificent or just plain bizarre is going on right now in another part of the world. If you’re a consumer-facing company why not enlighten your audience by sharing this news in your social media content? Google News and Reddit are especially good sources for this.

6. Pinterest

Pinterest is not only for great recipes and arts and crafts, it is also a treasure trove of great content ideas. Go through your keywords and you will be returned with pins and boards that are all relevant to your search term.

7. Google Trends & Google Alerts

Google has some great tools that can help you with content ideas.  With Google Trends, you can see what is currently trending on the web. Put together a list of your keywords and set up Google Alerts.  Once these are set up, you will start getting emails with relevant articles that are related to your keywords.  So that you don’t miss anything, set your alerts to daily.

8. Twitter

Twitter is always on the cusp of what is trending. Plug in a keyword and see what is trending for #hashtags and topics . Be sure to use Twitter lists and add on your favorite tweeters.  By doing this, you can keep track of the tweets of your favorite people.  From there you will find inspiration for coming up with your own content.

9. Holidays

We all know the major holidays, this is about celebrating the fun and quirky ones like those from National Day Calendar or Days of the Year .  There are so many fun ones like National Hotdog day to National Ice Cream Day.  You will definitely find ones that will resonate with your audience. Make it even more engaging by asking followers to post a photo related to the day being celebrated.  You can also come up with a #hashtag to brand it.

10. Hashtags

Hashtags are a great resource for content.  You can come up with one related to your business or use popular ones like #MotivationMonday to #WellnessWednesday, you will have no shortage of ideas to choose from for your niche.

11.  YouTube

Videos are the most popular trend at the moment and it will not be slowing down. Hundreds are uploaded every minute to YouTube.  Take advantage of all this media and do a search for your keywords.  There will no doubt be some video content you can share.

12. Do a search on Reddit

Reddit is a treasure trove of potential content for you.  If you have not been to the site, it is basically a forum for anything and everything.  Depending on your industry and niche, you can do a search in their mini communities called subreddits.  Find those relevant to your business and subscribe.  You will have access to tons of trending data to use for your content marketing.

13. Check out Quora forums

If you have not been on Quora, it is basically a question and answer forum.  Anyone can join and for businesses, you can do a search for any keywords or questions related to your niche.  See what the challenges and/or questions are surrounding your niche and come up with content around that.

14.  Buzzsumo

With Buzzsumo, you are able to find what the most popular content is that people are sharing.  Just plug in your keyword into the search box.  Bonus tip: you are also able to search for key players in your niche – which means more people for you to follow and get inspiration from.

15. Embrace UGC

User generated content is one of the easiest places to turn to for content ideas.  You not only benefit but you also give a nice shout out to a loyal fan.  Just make sure you ask permission from the individual.  You don’t want anyone to feel you violated their privacy.  Here are some places to find UGC: 

  • Blog post comments
  • Photos people share
  • Videos
  • Testimonials
  • Tweets

16. Google+

Organize your Google+ circles.  Follow all the key people in your industry and see what interesting stuff they are sharing.  Take what is popular and put your own spin on it.

17. Medium

Medium is a free blogging platform where both general and industry specific bloggers can post their content.  You can find inspiration pretty much anywhere on the site as they have a number of categories from politics to tech to health.  You can also just do a search for your area of interest. Click on a category and the most popular content will show.


Everyone loves a great quote.  They act as great bits of wisdom that people love to share on social media.  You also never know who you will inspire or provide a pick me up to.  Working in quotes with other content is a terrific way to add some fun to your feed. Feel free to share a well known quote or if you are feeling inspired, create one of your own on Canva.

19.  Your employees

Speaking with your employees can be a great way to generate fresh new content.  Set up a meeting with some of your teams that are dealing directly with your customers.  What feedback are they getting from customers?  What are customers happy with?  What are they complaining about? Why do your employees think your company is great and and what do they think it can improve on?  All this communication leads to finding more out about your company and customers which can be turned into new content.

20.  Look out for social mentions

People talking about your brand online is great for content.   This can be anyone from customers, bloggers, publications and anyone in between.  You can stalk social media platforms as a starting point but you should also be checking out these other places:

  • Google alerts: Set up a Google Alert.  Put in the keywords to monitor and you will receive updates each time those keywords are mentioned online.
  • IFTTT:  Use IFTTT to monitor websites within your industry.  You will receive an email alert any time your brand is mentioned.
  • Hootsuite:  This is a good one for monitoring social media mentions.
  • Open Site Explorer:  Moz’s Open Site Explorer. lets you see who is linking to your website.  All you have to do is enter in you URL.
  • Mention: Another tool for monitoring mentions online.  You can specify which sources to monitor and you get details in real time.



Generating exciting and engaging content on a consistent basis is not easy for any brand.  The above list can work as ongoing sources you can use when you are in need of some content inspiration.