Top 10 Benefits Of Having A Business Blog


When it comes to your businesses’ marketing strategy, having a company blog should be a key component.  Publishing well written, informative content will help drive traffic to your website, attract more prospects, boost customer engagement and most importantly, increase sales.

Here are 10 ways a business blog can help boost your brand.


1. Boosts your social media presence

Each time you add a fresh new blog post to your website, you have the opportunity to share it across all your social media channels.  As you drive people to your website via your blog post, you are increasing your brand awareness and bolstering your SEO. Furthermore, readers can easily share your posts with their audience which leads to potential new followers and even more brand exposure. Also make sure you have the proper sharing buttons for your website so that you do not miss any opportunity for you content to be passed along.

2. Drives traffic to your website

When it comes to your website, think about when was the last time you updated a page.  Probably not in any recent time.  Adding a blog to your website and updating it consistently will provide you with more pages to be indexed in search engines.  This in turn will boost your organic search visibility and website traffic. This also is a sign for Google and other search engines that you are actively updating your website and to check back more frequently for updates.

3. Showcases your brand’s personality

Your about page is great for giving the background story for your business but nothing holds a candle to a blog post that successfully shows the more personal side of your brand. Blogging gives you a great opportunity to touch on the concerns and issues that are of importance to your audience while at the same time sharing what your brand and employees are passionate about. As you blog more, the more chances you are giving people to not only relate to your brand/company but to also build that important emotional connection which all leads to more sales.

4. Helps establish you as an expert in your industry

One of the greatest benefits of a blog is that it gives you the opportunity to establish your brand as an expert in your niche.  A great blog provides answers to questions and challenges that your customers may have. As you consistently put out valuable content, you are at the same time building trust and familiarity.  This shows your customers that you greatly care about maintaining their business and this in turn will help keep you at the forefront of their minds when it comes time to make a purchase.

5. Helps with generating inbound links

Being able to generate high-quality inbound links is like SEO gold for your website.  Each time you post new content, you are making it available for other bloggers, journalists, online contributors etc to reference and cite your content within their own articles. Aside from the SEO benefits, it can also generate substantial referral traffic back to your site.

6. Promotes valuable discussion

Blogging helps foster a two-way conversation between your business and your customers. It shows that you value their feedback and comments, both positive and negative.  From the business side, gaining insight into what is on the minds of your customers and prospects is marketing gold. You will be able to tailor your content and marketing initiatives around what you have learned.

7. The benefits are long term

The long term benefits is one of the most attractive features of blogging.  Unlike other marketing channels that are geared for the short-term (PPC, promotions, product endorsements), a blog remains on your site. It can continue to get indexed and shared even months after you post. The key is to consistently share well written content that is both valuable and engaging and you will in turn have created a long term asset for your business.

8. You control the message

Your blog and website are owned by you.  So any content you share is owned and controlled by you. You are able to retain the audience you draw to your blog; therefore, you have the have ability to moderate their comments. When it comes to other marketing platforms like social media, the audience and the conversation are outside of your control. If you find false information being spread about your business, you can use your blog to counter any untruths by sharing factual, well-executed information.  At its core, this type of owned media gives you a level of security and control that social media cannot.  Just to put it into perspective, if something like Facebook were to go away tomorrow, so would all your content and audience.  With a blog, that content is solely owned by you.

9.  It helps with growing your email list

Although email marketing can be a great way to help your business remain front-rank, getting people to sign up is sometimes not so easy.  People are inundated every day with tons of emails in their inbox.  This is where a blog can can greatly benefit your email marketing efforts. If you provide posts that people find informative and interesting, they will be more apt to trust that your email newsletter will be that way too. You can also generate more sign ups by including links to your latest posts in the newsletter.  In addition, you can put in details about any new products/services, promotions and company news.

10. It can help generate leads

The great thing about the many offerings when it comes to blogging platforms, is that they are created with your business in mind. For example, the page where you have your blog may leave space for a sidebar or header where you can include those important calls to action.  This can be something like download a free tutorial or get a free consultation. You have now created another opportunity for you to present offers and generate leads.


Blogging offers your company a great opportunity to differentiate itself from competitors. By providing valuable content to your customers and prospects, you will naturally grow your search traffic, customer loyalty and ultimately, sales.